Woo wee does my family love me! This past weekend was full of fun.

I can’t remember what we did Friday. Is that bad? But Saturday started off with a half day of work for me then an early birthday celebration!

I love birthdays.

Ok I love all holidays!

Every year my family gets me awesome things, but this year was even cooler because I really only wanted a couple things and I got all of them but one. Score!

Brandon got me a new wi-fi stereo for my training studio.

I asked for this ^^ but I’m not 100% sold on the idea yet. The manager of the store he bought it from said they’re only supposed to last for 3-4 years. Umm… that’s a lot of money for a short-lived product. I’ve had the boom box stereo player that’s in there now for probably 15 years. It still works awesome but I want to be able to hook up my iphone or ipod to it and there isn’t an option. Yup, it’s that old.

He also got me a pair of capris that I am in love with. I’ve always been a black on black on black girl but I’m SO into bright colors lately.

My mom and dad got me gift cards to Victoria’s Secret, Express, and Walmart along with some Bath and Body Works goods and two shirts from Express that I had already hung up and was too lazy to get to take a picture.

Also in that bag are cards, a notepad and earrings from my grandma.

My sister, brother and in-laws got me something I’ve been itching to buy for a long long time, but I couldn’t talk myself into forking out the cash. I’m so glad I waited because looky looky..

Oh ya. A juicer! I’ll have to figure out how to work the darn thing but you have no idea how excited I am. I put it up on our kitchen counter last night and said to Brandon, “Look, isn’t it awesome?” [note.. while jumping up and down]

His reply: “You’re retarded.”

So what if I looked like a happy little school girl. I am freaking pumped to use that thing. I’ve always been curious at the idea of juicing. Ten years ago I would have told you, that’s pointless. Just eat your fruits and veggies. But the thought of them basically being so broken down that it’s a cleanse for your organs to digest is intriguing. The one thing I’m not so sure on is how to track them. That’s a lot of calories you’re taking in with just an 8oz glass of juice. I had tried full fruit blending at Marianos before. Basically it’s a blended fruit and veggie smoothie. The difference between the two is that it has the fiber, juicing does not. But juicing allows your body to absorb more of the nutrients and at a faster rate. A few weeks ago, I was visiting a good friend in Chicago and she made a fresh glass of juice for me. I would say it set me over the top and I was definitely more anxious to get one after that! Ps.. Chicago peeps, my girlfriend is a private trainer in Chicago, in case you’re interested ;)

We had shishkabobs for dinner and my dad’s homemade rice pudding for dessert. It was the perfect night!


Sunday we got up bright and early and dropped Gavin off at Grammy’s before Brandon and I went out for breakfast. I love my child. More than anyone will ever know. So don’t get me wrong. But it was really nice to eat a hot breakfast without any distractions and without having to cook for me, B, AND G. I had a spicy omelet with jalapenos and chorizo. I kept telling Brandon it was the best omelet I’d ever had. I must recreate it at home!

Where were we going?

Route 66 in Joliet, IL for NHRA Nationals.

Dad graciously gets our family tickets every year for the DSR Hospitality tent.

To go to the track is one thing, but to be able to spend your day in these tents is another. It’s a nice place to get away from the crowds and sun, plus you get free beverages all day and you’re served a lunch. We had the choice of tuna steak or ribeye. I chose the ribeye.

Oh and did I mention you get to be about 5 feet from the racers and their cars?

Two years ago Brandon and I got to take a tour of the inside of Tony Schumacher’s trailer. Brandon liked it way more than me only because he understood all the mechanical jargon. I didn’t have a clue what the Crew Chief was talking about, but it was still an awesome experience.

Fun useless fact: I used to have the biggest crush on Tony. That is until I saw Mr. Matt Hagan in person this year. I’ve never followed Hagan’s racing career, but you can bet your bottom I will now. ;)

I mean look at him…

Ha!! That’s my sister-in-law and I drooling over him. Ps.. yes Brandon knows I love him. He loves Courtney Force. So we’re even.

In all seriousness Matt has a gorgeous wife and two beautiful children. And he’s such a genuine sweet guy. You can actually take pictures and get autographs from any of the racers.

I got Brandon some new sunglasses while we were there and they happened to be the same ones Fast Jack Beckman was wearing so he got Jack to sign them.

So cool!

If you’ve never experienced the races, this would be an event to go to. One of my best friend’s was going to go but she ended up not being able to make it so I sent her a video while we were there.

We got to watch first and second round before we had to call it quits and go get Gavin.

Such a fun filled weekend! Thanks to everyone for the gifts and dad for the race tickets!


What did you do over the weekend?



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Hey hey hey!!

I don’t think I’ve ever been this giddy about a a giveaway.

Ok that’s a lie.

Some rockin’ companies have allowed me to give away some bad@ss products! (Thanks yall!)

But this one is way different than any of the other ones I’ve done.

Have you ever heard of the Ultimate Athlete Games?

No? Don’t feel bad. I hadn’t either.

But, I am SO glad a rep from the company contacted me about it a few days ago because I am pumped to tell you guys about it!

Here’s the low down.

The Ultimate Athlete Games is what the photo says – a definitive test of fitness.


There are three sets of challenge courses that were developed by the experts at Men’s Fitness magazine.

Each of the courses has a different theme – speed, strength, or agility.

You are timed at each individual course, and the individual with the best combined time is crowned The Ultimate Athlete. (And takes home a huge $2,500 cash prize!)

Both men and women are allowed to participate.

Actually, anyone 12 or older can join!

These are the different prizes and divisions for the day:

  • Ultimate Athlete Male: 1st, 2nd, 3rd places awarded to the Males with best combined time for all 3 Challenge Courses
  • Ultimate Athlete Female: 1st, 2nd, 3rd places awarded to the Females with best combined time for all 3 Challenge Courses
  • Ultimate Athlete Team: 1st, 2nd, 3rd places awarded to combined times for the top 4 of any size team (Teams must be 4 or more members of any combination male / female)
  • Speed Course: 1st place Male and 1st place Female
  • Strength Course: 1st place Male and 1st place Female
  • Agility Course: 1st place Male and 1st place Female

(More in depth info can be found on the Ultimate Athlete website.)

I am definitely in on this challenge. I don’t see myself winning anything by any means but I will be there trying my hardest!

And I hope several of YOU will join me!

Side note: a couple of my friends and I have made a team and we were questioning our physical abilities of being able to do all of the obstacles. The rep assured me you can go around any you aren’t able to do, but then you won’t be qualified to compete for the prizes. You’d be doing it for strictly fun. And it looks like an absolute blast, if you ask me!

It will be held on July 19, 2014 at the Sandwich Fairgrounds in Sandwich, IL. You can find the address and itinerary here.

Get this: The company has graciously given me 20 [TWENTY!!] FREE entries!!! So the first 20 to email me (  jolynntoma@gmail.com   ) will get a code to register for FREE!


If you don’t make it in time for the 20, you can enter the giveaway below for two free entries, because really, it’s more fun to race with friends, isn’t it?

The codes for all the entries expire on July 8 so if you want to do it, email me or enter below ASAP!!

And please feel free to spread the word!


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