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One of my readers reached out to me about doing a guest post. Since I’m not too active on the blog these days, I loved the idea, and thought you would too.

Holiday Recipes with a Twist

During this festive time of year, it’s not just Santa who watches his waistline expand. Between Christmas cookies, gingerbread houses, office potlucks and ugly sweater parties, there is no shortage of delicious, calorie-laden temptations. Indulging in a few holiday treats is a must; indulging for a couple months could be mildly hazardous. In order to help keep the circle of life in balance, consider working these waist-friendly recipes in with your traditional table-fare.

1.     Paleo “Knock –You-Right-Off-Your-Feet” Sweet Potato Brownies

This delicious recipe (found here) is courtesy of The Healthy Foodie. She has managed to make the brownie even better than it was by adding mouthwatering melody of sweet potato puree, apple sauce, date paste and an avocado! At a mere 189 calories (including the icing!) this could be the new go-to brownie recipe of the year!

2.     Slow Cooker Garlic Sweet Potato Mash

Any recipe that uses a slow cooker gets automatic bonus points, especially during the holidays when oven space is in high demand. This mashed potato recipe (found here) has only 151 calories and 1 gram of sugar per serving. 1% milk and light sour cream help make this dish a bit kinder on the waist. You won’t even miss the cream in these yummy yams!

3.     Vegan Stuffing

Stuffing is a staple at many holiday tables, and with good reason. The savory combination of flavors trapped inside each nugget of bread is enough to make most guests weak in the knees! This year, consider subbing your usual recipe for this tasteful ensemble (found here). Cranberries, carrots, and some fresh sage help take this vegan dish over the top.

4.     Coconut Almond Cranberry Chicken

The flavors in this recipe (found here) make the perfect addition to any fall or winter table. The tart cranberries and sweet coconut milk create a tender, flavorful chicken dish.  At only 252 calories per serving, this chicken masterpiece would pair perfectly over stuffing or a dinner roll. If you’re looking for a new entrée this season, consider mixing it up with this recipe!

5.     Eggnog Holiday Smoothie

Seasonal beverages may be one of the greatest parts of this time of year. From coffee to cocktails, flavorful holiday spirit abounds! To avoid drinking a few meals worth of calories, try a healthy twist on eggnog (found here). Greek yogurt and a banana help substantiate the beverage and hold the calorie count steady at 256/serving.

This year, do yourself a favor and serve your guests a healthy mix of naughty and nice dishes. Life is all about balance, so indulge (smartly) this season and your health (and your jeans!) will thank you.

Kimber is embracing the holiday season with open arms and an abundance of ugly sweaters. When she’s not writing, you can find her building a gingerbread house or watching The Year Without A Santa Claus.

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Hey hey!! Can you guys believe Thanksgiving is next week? Then Christmas is only four weeks after that!? Are we dreaming? This year is definitely flying by.

This past weekend me and four of my girlfriends went to a make your own sushi class.

We all agreed the location was a bit odd. It was in a kind of run down apartment complex so none of us were too sure what to expect.  We knew it would either be really cool or a total let down. Luckily, it was awesome!

I don’t want to give you too many details of how we made each roll. I feel like that’s unfair to the company putting on the event, but I will show you pictures of all the deliciousness.

The first roll we learned how to make with rice on the inside.

The second roll we learned how to make it with rice on the outside.

And the third roll we were given all the ingredients they had on hand and told to get creative. We could make either style of roll, use as many or few ingredients as we wanted, and focus on presentation. It was a little competition to see who could make the best roll.

Would you believe me if I told you I won?

Yes? Good, because I totally did!! How awesome is that? I scored a free pass to any of the other classes they offer. My friends, as well as the other classmates, were told they get 50% off any of the other classes just for attending this one. We are in debate if we want to go to the cupcake decorating one or the wine painting one.

Overall we had a complete blast.

Lots of laughs and good memories made! Oh and don’t worry, it was BYOB so I made sure I brought sparkling grape juice to join in on the fun :)


Sunday was another big day. We found out the sex of our second child!

We’re having a….!!!!


Another boy. That makes 5 grandsons for my side of the family and NO girls. Holy freaking crap.

We’ve decided we’re all done with kids so there are no girls in my future, but my sister still wants one more child. My fingers are crossed and double crossed that she has one. We need a little princess to spoil in this family!

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