Ultimate Athlete Challenge {recap}

We survived!


But we did it!

Seriously. The challenge lives up to it’s name. Ultimate.

I know there are all kinds of different races like this these days and I’ve never personally experienced them but I can vouch for this one.

Here’s how the day went.

We left home bright and early at 6am so we had plenty of time to get there and check in.

There was a competitor meeting at 8:45 to fill us in on how the courses work and to let us drool over the prize table.

Ok maybe it wasn’t the later of that statement, but one lucky guy got to take that big check home. How cool would that be hanging on your wall? I want one.

There were three separate courses: strength, agility, and speed.

We got to scope them out before the races started to know what we were heading in to.

You could complete them in an any order, but all three had to be finished within an hour. Ok here’s where I goofed. Your timer starts the second you cross the start line and apparently it stops when you exit that race and then restarts/stops for the other two courses. Well silly me thought it never stopped until you were completely done so I was running from one obstacle to the next and never gave myself a second to breathe. Ya. Whoops. Talk about exhausted.

We did them in the order listed above and all went in the same heat (there were two) so unfortunately we couldn’t take pictures of each other but I finished a few minutes early so I could grab some shots of my friend, Amy, doing the speed course.

You got three attempts at an obstacle. If you couldn’t complete it in those three tries, you had to do 25 pushups.

A peek inside the strength course: I can tell ya it wasn’t looking good when all four of us couldn’t complete the very first obstacle. Ha!

On one side was a 12 foot pole you had to climb up with no assistance or anything else to hold on to then you had to climb down the other side. a) none of us apparently have the upper body strength for that and b) our shoes were super wet from the dewy grass. #fail

Here’s another obstacle in the strength course. You had to climb up and over this wall, then slide down the other side.

The agility course: there were three “hurdles” (more like body breakers) that were about 7′ tall. It was basically a 2×4 that you had to jump up and over. You should see Amy’s poor arms. They got torn up on that obstacle.

This one was mental. You had to jump from the green platform, land your feet on the middle bar and climb over the top. These men make it look easy.

I surprisingly had no trouble completing that one, but my friend Joanna actually misplaced her footing and ended up straddling the middle bar when she jumped. Youch! That was the end of the day for her :(

This one was one of my favorites.

Climb up the first three and swing under the fourth.

The speed course: definitely my favorite course of the day.

It started with a ladder climb.

I’m not a fan of heights so it was little nerve racking but totally do-able.

For this obstacle, you had to crawl under those boards and net.

I’m still trying to figure out how the muscle men fit through that. It was tight!

On to the climbing wall. ps woot woot for Amy kicking ass!

There were three of these in the speed course. They were more fun than challenging.

And you finished the speed course with an obstacle that may look familiar to you if you watch American Ninja Warrior :)

Except I’m pretty sure these are a lot closer than the ones on the show lol!

These definitely aren’t all the obstacles that were there, but it’s a good glimpse into what the day looked like.

After we finished, we celebrated with our complimentary Smith and Forge cider.

Side note: I’ve never understood why they serve alcohol after fitness events. It’s the last thing I want to re-nourish my body with, but for the first time, I went with it. I’m a sucker for some hard apple cider. I’ve never had this brand, and it was delicious. It wasn’t carbonated and didn’t leave me feeling bloated after finishing it. All four of us were raving about it.

Overall I absolutely loved the experience. I wasn’t sure what to expect from it, and I went in with the mentality of finishing and not getting an injury. I was cautious about my neck and shoulders, probably a little more so than needed, but I walked away satisfied and ready to do another one. I’d love to come back to this particular course next year but actually train for it. When the company contacted me, the event was only three weeks away so I didn’t get much accomplished in that little of time.

The only thing I would have changed is split up the big award at the end. All four of us thought it was kind of unfair to have the men and women competing for the same title, but then again I guess that shows the real star.

If you’re looking for a challenge, I suggest you try it. Here are a couple races coming up!

Diva Dash with Shape Magazine

  • August 2 in Illinois
  • August 16 in Washington
  • September 6 in Boston
  • September 13 in Philly
  • October 11 in New York

You can use coupon code AXJOLYNN for $5 off your registration at any of those Diva Dash races!

Ultimate Athlete Games – October 18 in New York.


The winner of the Swanson gift certificate giveaway is:

Congratulations Laurel!

Thanks to everyone that entered! Have a great weekend!

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  1. JodieNo Gravatar says:

    Love your recap. I wanna do something like this, it sounds so intimidating, yet I’m always up for a new challenge. Maybe next year?!?

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