Easter Recap

Hey there! I’m still alive and kicking over here.

How was your Easter? Mine was perfect. The whole weekend was great actually.

Friday I picked up Gavin a little early from daycare so we got to spend some quality time together.

I’ve been working hard lately so someday soon I’ll be able to have more free time with him. That kid has me wrapped around his little fingers.

Saturday we started off the day bright and early with some racing.

It was just a test day but the first race of the season is already this weekend.

It was Gavin’s first day at the track. I was a little hesitant to see how he would respond but I think he actually enjoyed it!

He only jumped one time, and it was when he had his back turned to dad’s car when he started it.

This coming Sunday is the first points race of the season. Eek! I’m nervous.


Sunday was Easter.. woo hoo!

We started at my parents house for lunch and finished the day at my mother-in-law’s house for dinner.

I completely forgot to take pictures of our eats, but trust me, there was plenty of good food around. My sister-in-law and I made homemade Reese’s eggs. They were okkkk but definitely no comparison to the real deal.

ps… Someone partied a little too hard Easter morning.


And as for my eats lately, they’ve been pretty good. I’ve been stuck on the same breakfast for a little over a week now.

Egg White Pr(oat)meal
Serves 1

– 1/2 cup dry old fashioned oats
– 1 cup water
– 1/2 cup liquid egg whites
– 1/4 scoop Bode vanilla or chocolate shake (depending on my mood)
– 15 drops sweet leaf stevia*
– 1 tbsp nut butter of choice (optional)

– Add oats and water to a small saucepan over high heat. Allow it to boil.
– Stir and reduce heat to medium low. Add egg whites and protein powder. Stir to mix well.
– Bring heat back to high, stirring continuously until desired thickness.
– Remove from heat. Serve immediately mixed with stevia, nut butter or whatever other toppings you desire.

*Can get $5 OFF first order with coupon code COZ833.

What was your favorite thing you ate at Easter?

I’d have to go with my mother-in-laws broccoli cheese casserole. Delish!

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