Cauliflower Rice and Cooking with Coconut Oil

Hey there!

I’ve been cooking a wee bit more these days. Only a wee bit. You know exactly how much that is, right? Good.

Last week I made a crazy good dinner that my husband reported was “ok.”



My reply was “Don’t people teach you to answer your wife a certain way?”

Wife: How do I look tonight honey?
Husband’s reply: Oh you look great dear!

Wife: How did you like dinner?
Husband: It was delicious!

Our conversation last night:
Me: How did you like dinner?
Him: It was ok.

Whoopty doo, Basil.

So I made this cauliflower rice all for myself. I know hubs won’t even take a stab at trying it. Which is fine. More for me!

Cauliflower Rice

– 1/2 head cauliflower
– salt and pepper

– Cut the cauliflower into florets and add it to your blender or food processor. Turn it on and blend/process until you have the consistency of rice.

Season with salt and pepper to taste.

Easy peasy!


I got the idea because I recently got the opportunity to review this cookbook, Cooking with Coconut Oil. (I know what you’re thinking. There’s no coconut oil in the recipe. But she has a KILLER recipe for flavored cauliflower rice, or couscous as she calls it, that I will definitely make next. I wanted to experiment with the rice before I made her recipe.)

I’ve cooked, baked, and eaten coconut oil raw so I was pumped to try it.

I think I read the entire book three times before deciding what to make first. I mean really… look at these gorgeous photos.

That’s pan fried pork chops with apple compote.

And those are sweet potato egg cups. #drool

My decision was quickly made up when I discovered I had all the ingredients on hand for the sandwich bread.

I followed the recipe almost to a T. I noticed half way through I only had crunchy almond butter and the recipe called for creamy. No biggie. Not like I was swapping apples for oranges.

But after it came out of the oven, I realized I left my coconut oil hanging out in the microwave. #fail

I was afraid the bread wouldn’t be good, and I would have to throw the whole thing away but it actually tasted really good so I can’t wait to make it again and see what the addition of the oil does for the taste and/or consistency.

I ate my first slice all by it’s lonesome, and then I topped another slice with almond butter and homemade strawberry rhubarb jam that I received from a client. SO good!

I really really enjoyed this book. I told you before; I’m a cookbook hoarder. And this one does not disappoint. FYI, It’s all paleo too, but she wasn’t trying to market it that way. I love her story, where she comes from, and what made her turn into a coconut oil loving gal.

Ps.. you should see her tat!

And guess what!? She is graciously giving away a book to one of you!!
Good luck!

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5 Responses to Cauliflower Rice and Cooking with Coconut Oil

  1. AmyNo Gravatar says:

    I use coconut oil for most of my cooking to replace the olive oil I used to use. Its also great to rub on you skin, on scars and blemishes that you are trying to fade.

  2. Jen W.No Gravatar says:

    I love cooking with coconut oil but recently have been using it as a hair conditioner and face moisturizer. It’s all around GREAT!

  3. JodieNo Gravatar says:

    So the cauliflower is raw when you out it in the blender?? Love your blog! Thanks for taking the time post things!

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