Recent Eats and Treats

Happy Hump Day!

How about I fill you in on my life with a bunch of yummy food pictures?

Last weekend started off like it normally does. Gavin wakes us up around 6am, and we all head downstairs for breakfast.

I had gotten in the habit of making Brandon a full out diner breakfast – bacon, eggs, toast, and hash browns. The guy is spoiled, I tell ya! That was getting expensive, and I straight up hated going through all the work of making it to turn around and do all the dishes. SO, the past two weeks we had pancakes then waffles. I made this beauty using the same recipe for my birthday cake protein pancakes.

I took some time Sunday to prep Gavin’s food for the following week. This Saturday he’ll be starting on carrots.

So far we’ve tried sweet potato, butternut squash, and acorn squash. All have been winners! I was scared he wouldn’t like the acorn squash because it’s not as sweet as the other two but surprisingly, it seems to be his favorite so far.

I received my gift package from Popchips last weekend also. Thank you!

I loved the note they included. It ended with: “Love without the handles.:)

And another food item I made Sunday…

Samoa muddy buddies.

ohemgee. I don’t really like coconut. I love coconut oil, but I’m not a huge fan of actual coconut shreds so I didn’t think I would like this. Boy was I wrong. I made it for B, but I had my fair share of taste testing.

Once I was finally done in the kitchen, I sat down on the couch for about five minutes of relaxation. Seems like that’s all I get since I’ve been a parent. Brandon left the room, and no sooner than he turned the corner, someone stole his spot.

Apparently Nitro felt the need to relax a little too.

And yes I know that’s a Christmas present. We still haven’t celebrated it with his Dad’s side of the family. :/

This week my workouts have been on spot and my eats are matching.

And you’re about caught up with me :)

Oh wait.. I got my nails done yesterday.

HOT PINK because I’m thinking summer. And warmth. And cocktails with mini umbrellas.

Then I walk out of work today and BAM.. snow.

Wah wah.


How are your workouts going?
What’s your favorite flavor of muddy buddies?
Do you get your nails done? Have any fun designs on them?


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2 Responses to Recent Eats and Treats

  1. Julianne @ Beyond FrostingNo Gravatar says:

    Oh how fun! I am glad you like it! You badly notice the coconut chunks!

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