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Hey! Sorry I’ve been gone. If you follow me on facebook or instagram, you already know why. My son unfortunately caught RSV at daycare a week ago. It led to hospitalization for pneumonia and an ear infection. He was on oxygen, steroids, antibiotics, and fluid. :( He should (fingers crossed) be on the up and up, but I’m staying home with him this week just to make sure. Plus, he’s still on breathing treatments so it’s not something I’d trust the daycare to do.

So I hope you’re having a better day than us!

Anyways, I have an awesome giveaway for you today!

Have you ever heard of Core Power?


They come in 4 different flavors:
– banana
– chocolate
– vanilla
– strawberry banana

And they’re available in two different varieties: the CORE version has 26g of protein and 240 calories. The LIGHT version has 20g of protein and 150 calories.

I was grateful to receive the three flavors above. I drank all of them post-workout and absolutely love them. I’ve never been a big fan of ready-to-drink protein shakes because they often taste chalky and I end up choking them down. These are SO different.

They’re very smooth and light, which I was surprised about. They have a very subtle creaminess while keeping the flavor spot on.


- Protein: Every bottle of Core Power contains the two types of protein found in milk – whey (20%) and casein (80%). Whey protein is digested quickly, while casein is digested slowly, allowing you to get protein into your system at all points of your day.

- Carbohydrates: Carbs provide the energy required to rebuild muscles. Did you know carbohydrates are naturally found in milk, vegetables, and fruit?

- Electrolytes: Electrolytes rehydrate your body before and after activity. Milk has been shown to be an excellent way to replace fluids lost during exercise, and Core Power has all the electrolytes naturally found in milk such as potassium, calcium, chloride, and sodium.

- Fats: Milk fat is a great source for vitamins A & D. It also contains essential fatty acids which help improve recovery by promoting lean muscle growth while guarding against muscle inflammation.

Added Benefits:
– Natural
– Made with Real Milk
– Lactose-Free
– Never Powdered
– No Artificial Sweeteners
– Gluten-Free
– Soy-Free

**Here are some FAQ’s about the product**

Is powdered protein added? No. All of the protein in a Core Power bottle comes from fresh milk.

Is there a powdered version of Core Power? No. We pride ourselves in the fact that our ready to drink product is made from real, fresh milk and is never powdered. Our proteins are in liquid solution from the time they leave the cow to the time of consumption – never altered or powdered.

Do you use artificial sweeteners in your LIGHT flavors? No. We are using natural, low-calorie sweeteners such as stevia and monk fruit juice.

How does Core Power get rid of the lactose? Most of our lactose is reduced through filtration. The rest is converted to other sugars via enzymes.

Is it ok for kids? Absolutely! However, because Core Power is so high in protein, we do not recommend it for children under 2 years old. For those under 4, we suggest a limit of one bottle per day.

Can I use it as a meal replacement? We designed it with post workout recovery in mind, but we know that many consumers often use it as a snack or a meal replacement.

FUN FACT: Core Power is the official protein drink of SOCHI 2014 OLYMPIC WINTER GAMES!

Keep an eye out for limited edition bottles, hitting the shelves January 2014. They’ll be featuring the US athletes set to compete in the Olympics, as well as their bios.

I will definitely be adding these to my grocery list. I’m not saying that just because I received some to sample. I really like them that much. But I have to say I am thankful I got them otherwise it’s something I honestly wouldn’t have bought on my own.

I’m very glad the company opened my eyes to their greatness!

And one of YOU will get to win a CORE Power Fit-Kit of your own!

Your CORE Power Fit-Kit will include:
– 3 CORE Power protein drinks
– a water bottle
– a towel
– a yoga mat with travel bag
– stability ball and device to inflate it
– duffle bag

Enter below.
Open to US residents only.


a Rafflecopter giveaway

Disclaimer: I was provided a CORE Power Fit-Kit to review and give away, but all opinions are my own. Always.


This giveaway has ended and the winner is…

Congratulations!!! Thanks to everyone who entered!

The winner has been notified and has 48 hours to respond. If I don’t hear back, another winner will be chosen.

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18 Responses to Core Power {Giveaway!}

  1. Jennifer MNo Gravatar says:

    These sound yummy. The powder I currently use tastes a bit chalky so I have to try these :)

  2. HeidiNo Gravatar says:

    This does sound great!! I usually just eat a banana after working out because I have never found a protein shake that I liked so I will definitely have to check these out!

  3. AmyNo Gravatar says:

    It was always strange to me how much these resemble Muscle Milk – but they are wayyyyyy better!

  4. HayleyNo Gravatar says:

    I love quest bars!

  5. Jessica BrinkmanNo Gravatar says:

    These sound really interesting. I would love to try them.

  6. ChristineNo Gravatar says:

    can’t wait to try!

  7. ChristineNo Gravatar says:

    I like to have lentil stir-fries as a post-workout meal!

  8. ScottNo Gravatar says:

    Depends on the workout, but I typically go for whey protein or a FitAid drink. FitAid, a paleo friendly drink, provides a boost as well as aids in recovery. At times, I may drink multiple cans a day.

  9. Tiffany RakauskasNo Gravatar says:

    I currently use cellucor protein. But always try anything Jolynn Toma recommends!! Would love to try these products!!

  10. Jen W.No Gravatar says:

    I refuel with water and Gatorade. Time to “catch up” with times…. can’t wait to try Core Power products.

  11. Amy O.No Gravatar says:

    Most often a piece of fruit and water. A granola bar if I’m super hungry!

  12. AngelaNo Gravatar says:

    I drink a bunch of water.

  13. Melissa L.No Gravatar says:

    I drink ice water after a workout. Thanks for the giveaway!

  14. Ben (Ada)No Gravatar says:

    I eat KIND bars.

  15. Debra LeeNo Gravatar says:

    I’m a larabar girl. Never have tried Quest bars!

  16. LeahNo Gravatar says:

    I drink chocolate milk!

  17. Agbeke AliNo Gravatar says:


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