Cyber Monday Specials from Quest Bar and

Good morning! Did you go shopping this weekend for Black Friday? I didn’t join in the craziness because I have Gavin but you can bet I’ll be shopping online today for Cyber Monday!

Both companies I’m affiliated with are offering specials today!!!

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How was your Thanksgiving? Mine. was. perfect.

This was the first Thanksgiving in two years that I wasn’t in competition prep and I actually ate less than I did the past two years. It’s funny how that works. When you’re “allowed” to eat, generally you make wiser decisions. Since it was considered my cheat meal during prep I ate. And ate. And ate. Basically until I couldn’t move. I was miserable. This Thanksgiving I left saying “I could have eaten more.”

How about you guys? Did you go all out or take it easy?

I was really looking forward to the turkey and one of my great grandma’s pumpkin muffins. <– Those left before I got one. Wah wah. But the turkey was delicious at my family’s and Brandon’s.

I was in charge of dessert at my family’s party.

Enter: pumpkin better than sex cake.

There wasn’t a single piece left. I guess you could say it was good ;)

I brought these to Brandon’s family celebration.

Thanksgiving was the first time we got the three newest cousins to sit next to each other.

It was an absolute riot. We were all laughing hysterically. At first the oldest didn’t want to take part at all. Then he loved it. Then the one on the far right was pushing Gavin away. Lol! Too funny. We ended up with this picture which is perfect. We’ll be gaining another boy in the family sometime this month, making the three smallest boys all 3 months apart. They’re going to grow up being best friends!

Friday I skipped the madness and spent the day with my sister and her baby (far right). They behaved really well and we obviously had a great day with sister talk. #girltalkrules

Saturday one of my friends watched Gavin so I could run some errands. I was bummed I missed out on a black Friday sale item and had to pay regular price for it. Well, this morning when I looked at my receipt, I realized I still got the special. High five!

Sunday I woke up and made Brandon cinnamon rolls. I would have scarfed some down only it throws off my whole day not eating something healthy so I opted for something just as decadent but way better for me.

THAT, my friends, is a baked chocolate chip cookie dough Quest bar. uh-mazing. It tasted just like a chocolate chip cookie only healthy. #winning  You. Must. Do. This.

I baked it at 350 for 7.5 minutes but you could do less if you want it doughier [totally a word ;) ] or more if you want it crispy.

I’ve heard of people doing this before but I never wanted to turn my big oven on for a single bar. Three words: totally worth it.

Later in the day I made an apple pie one the same way.

Pretty sure I will be baking all the flavors. At least once. I forgot there was a brownie one too. ohmygawsh.


We got our Christmas tree up and new custom stockings!!!

I’m just a wee bit excited! ;)

Then we ended the weekend with amazing steaks on the grill.

Filet for me and ribeye for hubs. Both with a side of homemade mashed taters.


Hope you all had a great Holiday weekend!

What did you do?





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  1. Laura @ Sprint 2 the TableNo Gravatar says:

    Pumpkin better than sex cake?! I need that in my life. I always put myself in charge of desserts. It’s my favorite meal. ;)

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