Business Name for $50 GC!

I put a call out on facebook, twitter, and instagram yesterday asking for your help.

I’ve already received a lot of great suggestions but am still taking more up until December 15th. If I pick your suggestion, you will be rewarded with a $50 gift card to the restaurant of your choice!

*Side note: I know it’s only $50. Please don’t badger me about the reward. Yes I actually had someone do it yesterday. Their comment was deleted. I understand it’s not a HUGE prize but how hard is it to a) pick one of my choices or b) shout out a name of your own? Really? Thank you!! :)

Moving on. Instead of recapping all of my eats yesterday, I want to tell you about lunch. I measure out most of my food on a scale. No, I’m not obsessed and no, I don’t count calories. I’m curious. Anyways, this bag of frozen asparagus said a serving was 6 spears (or 83g).

So, I cooked up my spears and started adding them to my plate, that was sitting on my food scale. I ended up adding the entire bag of asparagus and was only at 143g for weight. That means the entire bag was less than double the estimated serving size. My plate should have had (according to their 6 spear guideline) about 10.5 spears. Umm… anything wrong with that picture? Ya. Just goes to show you, you can’t always trust the suggested serving size of items. You could be eating way more or way less than what it says.


I was absolutely ravenous yesterday, but I stuck very close to my meals/snacks. That is until dinner time. I got off work way earlier than I was supposed to so Brandon and I had an impromptu date night at Texas Roadhouse.

I housed a roll with cinnamon buttah and about half of that onion. Yikes! So I got two veggie sides instead of a potato and ate all of my perfectly cooked 6 oz sirloin. Delish. Afterwards, I may or may not have eaten ice cream for dessert. We will call it fuel for cardio this morning. ;)

Nitro got a treat too!

Look at those pathetic little puppy eyes. More ice cream please!


The drive to cardio this morning was beautiful.

The sky looked really neat with the full moon poking out behind the clouds. That picture really doesn’t do it justice.

We did 30 minutes on the elliptical before calling it a day.

I’ll get that workout up for you soon because it was a good one!

Question of the day:

What’s your favorite restaurant? Do you typically order something healthy or splurge when you go there?



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5 Responses to Business Name for $50 GC!

  1. EdNo Gravatar says:

    StayFit….that would be a good name since it implies more of a long term process as oppose to a quick weight-loss solution….

  2. Mari StevensonNo Gravatar says:

    Complete Fitness Studio or
    Fitness Journey Training Center

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