October CHALLENGE!!!

GOOD MORNING!! The time has come. In case you missed my last informational post about the October challenge, click here to read the details. It starts Monday, October 1st! ARE YOU READY??

I listed the challenges below as well as the day they are to be completed on. Go ahead and read through to make sure you want to join along. Some of them might need a little thought ahead of time so you may want to jot down what you’re going to do to remind yourself.

ALSO, don’t forget you’re supposed to show me #proof of your success! Take a picture of your heart rate monitor, your cardio machine after you’ve finished, your sweaty self, food, etc. Get creative! Then post it to whatever social media site you want and tag me so I can see it! (All of my social media sites/tag options are listed in the previous challenge post here.)

So I’ll ask again, ARE YOU READY??

ps.. don’t forget the person who posts and tags me in the most photos/challenges will win a prize at the end!!!



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