Are you Ready for a Challenge??

Hey hey everybody! I know you’re technically supposed to get a recipe from me today for What to Eat Wednesdays but if you remember my fb a week ago, I posted something about an October challenge.

We’re going to get to that in a second. First I want to thank you all again so much for your amazing comments. I read a few of them while I was at work and it brought me to tears. It truly is astounding how many good people there are in the world. We all have our own issues but to come together and support one another is beyond remarkable and something no one can take away from you. Keep those spirits high and never let go of them because to someone, somewhere, it means the world.

Alright enough with the sappy emotions ;) Lets get back to that challenge!!

We need to hold each other accountable. There are studies that prove people are much more successful with their goals when they tell a friend, family member, stranger, you name it. But I don’t want you to just tell me… I want you to SHOW me.

You may be wondering how. Well, I am going to come up with a challenge for every weekday through the month of October. That’s 23 days worth of challenges. And for each and every challenge, I want you to take a picture to show me #proof of your success. I’ll give you an example.

One day in the month will be: DO 30 MINUTES OF CARDIO.

Ways you can prove it: take a picture of your heart rate monitor, stop watch, watch, sweaty self, cardio machine after you’re done, etc.

THEN, you must tag me in your picture (along with a little note of your accomplishment!) in one of the following ways:

– FACEBOOK: First “like” my page. Then, you can either post it straight to my facebook page or you could post it on your page and tag my page in your picture.

- TWITTER: Follow me. Then, tweet your picture with me tagged. You can tag me by using my twitter handle: @jolynntoma or by using the hashtag: #liftpraylove

- INSTAGRAM: Follow me. Then, put your picture on instagram and tag me the same way as twitter. My instagram: @jolynntoma or hashtag: #liftpraylove

The full set of goals will be posted in the next few days so you can see everything ahead of time and decide whether or not you want to be challenged! Hope you play along! It’s gonna be fun! ;)

ps.. the person who posts and tags me in the most photos will win a prize at the end of the challenge! <— more motivation!!! =)


 pps.. if you haven’t already, you still have time to enter the Six Star Sporty Like Me Sweepstakes to win a $2500 shopping spree in NYC!


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