The Truth Behind “Healthy” Ice Creams

Good morning! Started off the day with egg whites, 2 slices of fresh tomatoes, some basil and black pepper with a side of toast (unpictured).

Lets rewind to yesterday. Who’s ready for fall? Me, me, me!!! I love fall. The beautiful colors, the smells of apple pie and pumpkin spice.. and apparently the stores are getting ready for fall to come also. I saw our Halloween store opened up already for costumes and I spotted Pumpkin Spice coffee in the store a few days ago.

I desperately wanted to have a cup but we no longer have a regular coffee pot so I had to wait to get my new reusable filter. It came in yesterday morning and at lunch I had a cup! Told ya I couldn’t wait. Delish.

I’ve been eating a lot of salads lately. Generally I tend to steer clear of salads because they’re too “diety” to me but they DO allow you to get in lots of nutrients from all the different veggies. And instead of topping them with calorie-laden dressing, I’ve been using homemade guacamole or salsa.

^^ Dinner last night. My husband and I generally eat 90% of our meals apart during the week. Our schedules don’t correlate. But, that doesn’t mean I’m not home to watch him enjoy a bowl of ice cream. Usually it doesn’t affect me but last night, it made me crave something cold and creamy. Luckily I had a pint of Arctic Zero on hand.

150 calories a pint? Score! I ate the whole thing, only to post it on instagram and twitter and receive comments back from two of my blogging friends, Melissa and Sarah. The comments? Bad news. Read this. Come to find out the nutrition facts aren’t very accurate and as you read in that report, the FDA allows any label to be up to 20% OFF in accuracy. WTH? Um.. what have we been eating all along here people? That put the kabosh on my likes for the so called “healthy” ice cream. Make sure you check out that report to see the other items listed.

Aside from that bad news, I decided to try yoga last night.

I’ve only tried it one other time, watching this same cd, and last 6 minutes. I was bored BUT, with my recent injuries, I figured it might be beneficial.

The verdict? I think my tweet speaks for itself.

Ya. Needless to say, I have lost a lot of stamina.

Anyways, that’s the update on me. What’s new with you?

Have any of you tried yoga? What were your thoughts on it?


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2 Responses to The Truth Behind “Healthy” Ice Creams

  1. Julie Anderson-MunizNo Gravatar says:

    I have tried Yoga and I find it boring. Also I am not coordinated enough for all the moves!! Sad to hear about the ice cream. I was hoping there was something out there when you need the ice cream fix!!

  2. MarannaNo Gravatar says:

    Ice Cream: I as well occasionally fall victim to the late night cold & creamy craving. I keep only 2 options for this in my house. My new discovery are these little dove bars. They’re only about half the size of a candy bar (and kind of look like that) but have a yummy ice cream middle and crunchy chocolate outside for only 70 calories. Best of all is because they’re not “diet” ice cream, they taste nice and rich and satisfying. Pretty inexpensive if I remember correctly. My other option is freezy pops like we all had as kids…cut off the top and eat the popsicle, save some juice for the end to suck out :) Totally nostalgic.

    Yoga: I as well hate yoga…bored. But have attempted the Yoga X a few times and it kicks my arse also. I’m considering integrating some of those back in actually.

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