PB Cookies: Product Review

YUM! Lets talk about this delicious cookie shall we. You all know my love of peanut butter, but when I don’t want the extra calories (even though they’re healthy cals) I turn to the next best thing, PB2. Some of you may be hesitant to try powdered peanut butter. I get it. So was I. In all honesty it’s not the same as eating pb out of the jar by the spoonful but it does work perfectly in recipes.

Well, they have these things called PBthins which are little peanut butter crackers.

They remind me so much of Nutter Butter bites but they’re healthier for you. #winning

Check out the ingredient list for nutter butters:


woah. LOTS of stuff in there. Check out the PBthins:

Much better!! Now you can eat your cookies crackers and feel good about it! :)

Heck, you can even make your own healthier nutter butters. Make as many as you want but I used a 100 calorie pack with a 1/2 serving of pb2, prepared. Ta-dah!

Healthy snack for you and your family!! #eatclean #livehealthylivehappy


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