Make the Switch…

I know I’ve told you all before the importance of drinking water.

But I saw a Nestle water commercial that made a shocking statement. Click here to watch it.

Anyone hear it? If you swap a can of pop a day for a bottle of water, you’ll save 50,000 calories a year! WOAH!  3,500 calories = 1 lb so that’s a 14.3lb weight loss if you make the switch! I don’t know about you guys but that sounds worth it to me!

I went through different phases with pop growing up. My younger years I loved Mountain Dew then Pepsi then Sprite and then I started transitioning out of it. It all began with me being cheap LOL. I hated giving restaurants $2+ for a fountain pop that probably cost them 15 cents. Soo.. any time we ate out I’d get water. Then I would slowly start switching to water at meals at home and before I knew it.. I was totally pop-free! I do drink the occasional pop every now and then but we’re talking maybe one a month or every other month, if that.

*How much water do you drink in a day?

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